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Heart Healthy Nutrition Plans

Only through honest, open discussion with your Acadiana cardiologist can you determine the best diet for your heart health. In addition, research has shown that tracking your daily food intake is key to a successful diet and nutrition plan. To learn more about tracking your food, we encourage you visit the American Heart Association’s weight management resources

Types of Heart Healthy Exercise

The physicians at Heart & Vascular Associates of Acadiana will generally recommend three types of exercise, each with its own challenges and set of benefits:

  • Aerobic exercise: Often called “cardio,” aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, steps aerobics classes, and dance classes. If it requires lots of movement and forces you to breathe harder, it’s probably aerobic exercise.
  • Strength training: Generally comprised of lifting weights or using a weight machine to build muscle and improve tone, strength training may not be appropriate for everyone. Talk to your physician about whether you can incorporate strength training into your exercise program. Gentler programs such as Pilates can build muscles without the use of weights.
  • Stretching: Stretching exercises enhance the suppleness of your muscles, increase your flexibility, and just plain feel good. You should always stretch after your aerobic or strength workout. Some stretching exercises, like those in yoga, can comprise a vigorous workout on their own.
  • To learn more about starting a heart healthy exercise routine, we encourage you to peruse the American Heart Association’s guidelines and tips for physical activity.

    Resources for Smoking Cessation

    Whether you smoke two cigarettes a day or twenty a day, kicking the habit is one of the best choices you can make for your heart health and your overall well-being. Of course, having the right support and resources can help make this life-changing decision easier. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, offers information, advice and techniques for behavior modification, daily challenges, and a supportive online community that can help you make the day-to-day changes needed to quit smoking for life.

    Talk to Your Acadiana Cardiologists About Your Heart Health

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