The Difference Between Health and Wellness

We tend to think of health and wellness as interchangeable concepts. However, while “health” simply refers to the absence of disease or injury, wellness refers to a blend of different types of health that contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. Wellness experts identify physical health, mental and emotional health, social health, intellectual health, environmental health, and spiritual health as the primary contributors to total wellness.

An Example of the Wellness Approach to Cardiovascular Heath

Here’s our hypothetical situation: after undergoing a lipid panel, your cardiologist diagnoses you with high cholesterol. To help reduce the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol, your physician may prescribe statins, a medication that can help reduce cholesterol. In addition, he may suggest changes you can make in other aspects of your life that can improve your health. So, you take a heart-healthy cooking class and learn about how to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet. You join the local YMCA and make a few new exercise buddies. Your sleep, mood, self-esteem, and energy levels begin to improve because of your new lifestyle. In short, rather than simply taking your medicine and hoping for the best, you become an active participant in your treatment and can enjoy the countless benefits total wellness.

Preventive Cardiovascular Care with Your Cardiologist

The physicians at Heart & Vascular Associates of Acadiana believe in the power of preventive care. Whether you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or coronary heart disease or suffered a heart attack or stroke, you have the power to prevent your condition from getting worse. Heart & Vascular Associates of Acadiana encourages you to learn more about your condition and talk to us about any concerns or questions you have about:

Talk to Your Acadiana Cardiologists About Your Heart Health

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